Vegan MoFo Day 9 - Mango Fool, fool

It is not lightly I make this next statement but mangoes are my favourite fruit.
Sorry bananas. Sorry raspberries. Sorry kiwis. 
Whilst I love and appreciate you all I just don't have the same feelings for you as I do towards mango. It's my fault, nothing you've done, we're just going in different directions that's all...OK I'll stop now.
I firmly believe that the harder you have to work to get to a fruit the more delicious it is (actually, this has just come to me now, I've not thought long enough about it to work out whether that's true or not.....)
Mangoes do play hard to get, if you want to see the easiest way to get to that fleshy juicy goodness then watch this video.
This recipe makes one HUGE serving but you could split it up into two smaller servings, that glass is the only pretty glass I have but this would be AWESOME for sharing if you're planning on a romantic meal for two.
And bearing that in mind I have decided to name this recipe........

It Takes Two to Mango
serves 1 or 2

Half a tin full fat coconut cream
2 ripe mangoes, peeled and cubed
Mint leaves for decorating

Chill the tin of coconut in the fridge for 2 days. Chill a metal bowl in the freezer for an hour before making.
Purée all except a couple of spoonfuls of the mango. Chop the remaining mango into teeny tiny chunks.
Spoon half the puréed mango into a serving glass.
Open the chilled coconut cream and pour half into your chilled metal bowl.
Whisk until it thickens, which surprisingly took about 10 minutes.
Fold the remaining mango purée into the coconut and spoon into the serving glass.
Top off with the mango chunks and garnish with mint leaves.


Go MoFo!


Rose said...

That is a gorgeous dessert! Your coconut cream turned out perfect. I imagine once you take a bite of that, you wouldn't want to stop eating it.

thevegandivision said...

Mango is certainly hard to get, but it's worth the effort. This looks great!

vegan.in.brighton said...

That's gorgeous, also I would find it very hard to pick a favourite fruit!

Susan said...

I love the name! It's almost mango season here (I have seen a few around already), and I can't wait!

Mandee said...

I love mangoes too, they're my 2nd favourite after bananas. Normally I don't bother to use them in recipes as I just want to eat them as they are but combining them with coconut sounds too good not to try!

Love said...

Mangoes are my favorite fruit too! And I love coconut cream, can't imagine how awesome they'd be together! Will have to try this asap.

Cara said...

My gosh, that looks soooo beautiful! I wouldn't want to eat it--just stare and take pictures of it :)

Anonymous said...

I love mangoes too, especially when they are perfectly ripe and so juicy you have to eat them in the bathub. Yum!

Richa said...

noooo.. mango is my fave fruit too.. where did u find this juicy beauty.. we've been getting bad mangoes all through summer.. :(
the fool looks yummylicious!

Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

Nada (One Arab Vegan) said...

This is making me crave the gorgeous mangoes I had in Egypt this summer - seriously looks incredible. (Great photography too, btw)

Becky said...

Gawd, that first mango picture is gorgeous! And you totally convinced me to go for the coconut whipped cream. For some reason I've always been afraid to try it ^_^

Jeni Treehugger said...

I was a bit nervous of trying the coconut whipped cream too Becky, but not anymore. This is gonna be a regular thing in my house and so is this fool, it was delicious.

Thank you all for commenting.

sp said...

I can't wait to try this!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

You have me drooling over here. Must go buy some mangoes.