WIN Tofutti Voucher worth $3.99!!!

I won this myself during MoFo 2010 thanks to the AWESOME Miso for Breakfast but alack and alas I can't use it because it needs to be used in the good ole U S of A so one of you lucky peeps living in America can benefit from it instead.
Just leave me a comment and I'll pick one lucky person at random and post it over to you. So long as you promise to tell me which amazing Tofutti product you ended up buying, personally I would LOVE some of this.


lori said...

i'd be happy to take it off your hands! :) btw, my husband is from surrey...i like to forward him your veganized british-y recipes :)

Ashley said...

Fingers crossed! :)

Alan said...

Mango and passion fruit is a great combination, not quite sure that it would appear on my breakfast table .