Vegan MoFo IV Day 26: Omelette

A simple vegan omelette made with silken tofu. The recipe was loosely based on Fat Free Vegan's recipe but it's different enough to share. You can use any veggies or whatever as the filling, this one is just mushrooms and the last of Vegan Dad's Sausage (I really must stop calling it that!) fried up in some oil and seasoned with black pepper.

Vegan Omelette
serves 1

250 grams silken tofu (about one and a half cups)
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon black salt
1 Tablespoon soya milk
Quarter teaspoon turmeric
half a 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
Few twists of black pepper

Place all ingredients in blender and blend for 1 minute. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add the tofu mixture before the oil heats up. Spread the mixture out and cook on medium for 3-4 mins. Heat the grill (broiler) and place the frying pan under the grill and cook for 10 mins or so. You want the omelette to be nicely browned all over.
Remove from grill  
Slide omelette onto plate, place filling on top and fold omelette over.
How easy is that!


Katie said...

Vegan's Dad's Sausage. Teehee.

VegSpinz said...

Amazing looking omelette! I haven't had one in a LONG time :)

jessy said...

Katie's making me laugh. ah ha ha! Jeni, i'm so jealous of your perfect omelette. dan and i tried to make susan's omelettes about a year ago and it ended up in failure. well, not complete failure - 'cause we made it into a tofu scramble, but i really wanted an omelette. i think we're gonna have to give them another whirl 'cause yours looks so damn delicious, my friend!

K said...

That looks amazing.

HayMarket8 said...

wow. just wow. this looks amazing! I am so into this. I have not had an omelet since going vegan over 12 years ago. Bad ass!

Seglare said...

The omelette looks good! I have never succeeded in making a tofu omelette (it always turns into a scramble), so I mostly use chickpea flour these days. I'll have to try out your recipe next time. :)

Jessica said...

That looks great! I have been wanting to try an omelette but have had trouble finding a flour I like (chickpea, etc.). I think I'll try your version - no flour!

I love all the mushrooms, too. Yum!

anita riot said...

I have tried and failed at making a vegan omelette. This is perfection!

Noelle said...

I made this this morning and LOVED it. I had not had one and I have to say it is so savory and perfect!

Anonymous said...

Yum that omelette looks so light and fluffy!!!

Mandee said...

Wow, that does look really omelettey! I wish it was breakfast so I could try making one!

Vegan Epicurean said...


Wow no flour and it looks great! I may have to play around with making an omelettle now too. Thanks SO much for sharing your recipe.


Jenny said...

Oh, vegan omelettes always look soooo good to me. Which is weird since I don't think I ever thought egg omelettes looked good.

I had about a 45 second delay before I "got it" and laughed at the vegan dad sausage comment.

Anonymous said...

That omlette looks so yummy I want to gobble it right up! It seems you're always talking about Vegan Dad's sausage, his wife might get jealous if you don't stop it! ;)

Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

you recipes look delicious!!! I left the carrot cake recipe for you over at my blog. give it a try!

Felicity said...

mmmm, that looks scrumptious!

Nicole/Muffin-Tuffin said...

AW YEAH so delicous!