Vegan MoFo IV Day 24: Leek and Not So Chicken Pie

This is a leftover pie but don't confuse that with thinking it got leftover because no-one wanted to eat it. No siree. This pie used all the leftovers in mah fridge.
I sauteed some onions and sliced mushrooms in a little oil then I added a minced clove of garlic, some chopped up Vegan Dad's Sausage and leftover carrots and potatoes which I just chopped up to bite size pieces. Took that off the heat while I made my sauce which is so easy peasy it's insane.
Melt some marg in a pan, about 2 Tablespoons. Add a GOOD 2 Tablespoons of regular flour and whisk like a MoFo'er. Whilst whisking I gradually poured in about half a pint of warm vegetable stock until I got a nice thick consistency. This might take more or less stock depending on how thick you like your sauce to be. Then I added a Not Chick'n stock cube and gave it all a really good stir.
I added this to the pan with the veggies n tings in then added a sliced up leek and some ground black pepper and salt and gave it all another good stir.
I made some wholewheat pastry thusly:

Wholemeal Pastry

12 ounces  wholemeal flour
6 ounces vegan margarine
10 Tablespoons water

Place the flour into a bowl and add the margarine. Rub the margarine into the flour until it resemble fine breadcrumbs. Add the water and gather together to form a dough. If the dough is too sticky just add some more flour until it all comes together nicely.
Roll out half the dough and use it to line a pie plate.
Add your scrummy pie filling and top with the remaining rolled out dough.
Bake in the oven at 200º for 30-40 mins.
Easy as Pie!


Mandee said...

You had me at leeks! That looks SO good, I love pie but I've never made one like this!

Moomin Mamma said...

Thank you for your comment :D
I must say I'm very impressed with the range of products on goodnessdirect, and I love how easy it is to see what's vegan and what's not - brilliant for a newbie like myself who isn't always sure on ingredients that aren't obvious!
This pie here looks so pretty! My pies never look so nice!

vegan.in.brighton said...

Woah, that is some totally amazing looking pie. I love leeks & seitaney stuff in a pie - perfect!

Bianca said...

I'm still full from a big ole lunch, but I'd totally hit that pie.

Rose said...

That is a gorgeous pie!

Michelle said...

So pretty! Man, I haven't had a pot pie is such a long time. Must amend.

jessy said...

huzzah, Jeni! a leek and not-chicken pie made entirely of leftovers = the awesome! wow, wow, WOW! my leftovers usually get turned into a stir-fry or salad of sorts - you're one creative lady - and that's one deeeeeeeelicious pie!

wingraclaire said...

Now that looks seriously delicious. I think my husband would really go for that!!! And we make our own seitan too, so we're halfway there!

Sal said...

awesome usage of leftovers - it looks delicious! And so pretty, my pies never turn out that well!

Megan said...

Yummm. I make a pie like that, except that I lightly sautee the veg (minus leek, plus celery) before simmering them in the vege stock that I then use in the sauce... vegan-chicken-pie. As soon as I find some vegan-chicken stock cubes here, I'll make one so we can compare notes! :)

Lindsay I-F said...

Wow this looks really amazing- tasty and beautiful!

Nicole/Muffin-Tuffin said...

I've made some awesome meals out of what needs to be used up and this looks AMAZING!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

That looks very appetizing :)