Vegan MoFo Day#10: Have your cake and eat it

My mum and I went to York for the day and whilst there we stopped off at Goji Vegetarian Cafe.
I was so so happy when I asked the girl behind the counter if there was any vegan cake and she replied "Yes we have two, Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate cake."
Get in there!
I almost pee'd my pants.
Before you think I've taken complete leave of my senses let me explain that this is my very first time I have bought vegan cake because it is the very first opportunity I've had to buy vegan cake. Sad huh!
But happy too because look what I got.

The chocolate cake could have done with a shed load more chocolate - it just tasted of banana really, but the carrot cake was freaking AMAZING!

And my awesome mum even ordered vegan food for her too. She had vegetable samosas and spicey potato cakes which were both super delicious and scarfed down before the camera was thought of. I've got my priorities right at least.

York Cathedral

My mum

Go MoFo!


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

York Cathedral looks gorgeous! And your mum is adorable! Now I want some carrot cake.

River said...

Yummy cake goodness! I've never bought a vegan cake ever. Your mom rocks for eating a vegan lunch with you!

ginger said...

hi jeni's mum!!!

i don't buy vegan cake either because there are very few places here that make it as well as i do...i'm not being conceited, it's just that vegan restaurants assume that vegans will settle and that you CAN have good vegan pastry. anyway, i could go on, but i'm glad you found some.
that cathedral is gorgeous! there's nothing more than 150 years old where i live.

Mary said...

Carrot cake? Lucky you! That's a beautiful cathedral, hope you and your mom had fun.

Susan said...

The first time I found a vegan cake that I could buy somewhere I just about died from squeeing in happiness! And the first time I was in a 100% vegan restaurant my head almost exploded from the possibilities and the crushing pressure of what to choose - I could choose anything! It is so great. :)

I love York, I only got to spend half a day there when I was in the UK but I want to go back. It's sad how that end of the minster is closed off for the next 10 years!

There's also a nifty vegan place there called El Piano. And a shop devoted entirely to things with cats on them, but it was closed when I found it. BOO!

kmouse said...

I love that you took a little outing with your mom! So sweet! And vegan cake is wonderful when you are bale to buy it from somewhere! There's a bakery in L.A. called Mani's that has a few vegan cake and cookie options and I just feel like I died and gone to heaven every time I go there.

Lindsay said...

Delicious!! Looks like it was a fun time! :)

Zoey said...

I am glad to see that you got both kinds of cake to try! I usually find that I prefer my homemade chocolate cakes/cupcakes to store bought- but it is fun to be able to have the option.

jessy said...

your mom is the best, Jeni - i love that she ordered vegan fare, too! i totally would have ordered both pieces of cake as well! mmmmmmmmmmm!

chow vegan said...

Vegan carrot cake is the best! It's my favorite. :-) That's so cool your mom ordered vegan food for herself too.

michelle said...

Mmmm carrot cake is the best! I don't have nearly enough carrot cake in my life. And that cathedral is so pretty!

laura said...

hooray for finding vegan cake you didn't have to slave over!

Felicity said...

mmm, the cakes look fab.