Vegan MoFo 2009 Day #23: CATS!

This isn't a quick MoFo entry because a certain treehugger is off to the pub with her mates. No siree. What this is is restoring the equilibrium in the universe. I gave you my mums dogs a few days ago 'tis only right and proper I now introduce my cats to you.
This is Fizzgig - the fluffiest cat in the world
This is Boo Radley
She was left on a doorstep when she was about 4 weeks old. She was like a sock filled with pebbles when my friend found her and bought her round to me.
This is Doctor Blowfin. He's one of Boo boo's babies This is Flip Flop no tail
She's naughty
Her owner didn't want her so they shut her out the house. Lucky us she found me.
This is Salem
He died last Christmas but I was blessed with him for four precious years. Everybody loved him
Especially Flip Flop
This is Chomsky when he was a baby. He's the other baby of Boo, Dr Blowfin's brother
He was hit by a car July 4th 2008. He loved Salem too.
GO MoFo!!


veganf said...

That's A LOT of cats!! I love the name Fizzgig though.

Carrie said...

They are all so lovely!!

I love long-haired cats so I think Fizzgig is gorgeous! Salem looks a lot like my cat...not just because they're both black, but they have a very similar shaped head.

Vegan Epicurean said...

What cute kitties. What type of cat is Fizzgig? He/she reminds me of a Turkish Angora.

Have fun tonight at the pub.

Anonymous said...

Adorable kitties! It's so much fun to see pictures of blogger's pets. I love the picture of Boo Radley on the funky zebra (?) carpet. :) -Eve

Vegyogini said...

Awww...kitty photos and a bonus kitten video!

Felicity said...

oh, they are all so adorable. does Boo have the longest legs in the cat world, or is she just super stretching them? i love that you included your angel cats.

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

OMG... So cute!!!

Boo Radley is a great name (and one of my favorite book/movie characters)

Kelly said...

Aww! What a lovely tribute to your furkids. They're adorable! I wish I weren't allergic to kitties. :(

Chelsea said...

Oh, so many cute kittehs! I want to snuggle them all!!! xoxo Chelsea

Tara said...

Such beautiful kitties!!!

The Voracious Vegan said...

So many beautiful kitties! They are and were so lucky to have you.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Thanks guys.
VE - I have no idea what makes up Fizzgig other than his mum and she was just a gorgeous tabby cat. He wasn't that fluffy when he was born.

Felicity - she is stretching them. It's a cool photo isn't it.

HayMarket8 said...

Awww....sooo cute. Boo looks very long! :)

Andrea said...

What a large and cute cat family. We had a cat once that looked like Flip Flop. We got him from a box at the farmers market, covered in fleas. He was a shredder - as in books, magazines, newspapers - and he could open cupboards and remove things. We adored him and his creative ways. Thanks for sharing.

sp said...

They're beautiful! What lucky cats to have a great home with you. The picture of Boo Radley is great! I love it!

KiKi said...

Love your animal family!!!

Our furry family members are Spaniards, too, - rescue dogs from Mallorca via Herztier e.V.
Right now we have Mila as a "temporary resident" with us, Copito has already found a new home *sigh*

Mila has been with us since March, - somehow nobody wants her, - so sad :(

Love to see your munchkins :)

Becks~not a rabbit said...

Awww! You are owned by such beautiful kitties!

The cat/dog equilibrium has been rightfully restored!

Thanks for introducing us to them all, they are just adorable! >:o)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

So sorry about Chomsky and Salem. :(

I love your huge cat family!

I'm Philippa O said...

so beautiful! i would dearly love to live with cats again, but my house mates won't let me :(

Susan said...

Yay for kitties! I love seeing peoples cats on their blogs. Cats are even better than food!

Your babies are all beautiful!

Vegetation said...

Oh! They all beautiful! I'm so sorry for the loss of 2 of your furry babies :( Mine are senior citezens now and I already feel sad that they're getting on. I've no doubt I'll totally fall apart when they go!