Happy Vegan Veggie Burgers and some RAD Onion Rings

Like a lot of you, I suspect; I have a list of recipes to make from all you awesome vegan bloggers as long as my arm. When I have the ingredients to hand is what determines when I make afore mentioned recipes and I was delighted to discover I had all the ingredients to make Jessy's Brown Rice Veggie Burgers
They were totally AWESOME AND I stuck to Jessy's most excellent recipe EXCEPT (haha) I added some mashed up Pinto Beans because I just can't help myself. To accompany these Burgers I also made Onion Rings. Recipe here. I used White Wine instead of White Wine Vinegar (close?) because I have just about every other Vinegar imaginable except this one - and I always have White Wine cooling in mah fridge. I also used Water instead of Apple Juice (see previous sentence). Let me tell you they were eeen-cred-eeee-bul!! The Batter is so super tasty and coats the Onions perfectly and fry's up really nice and crunchy, and I'm sure this Batter would be perfect for anything. Feast your eyes and enjoy. Licking of screen not advised.
All served up with a green Salad and homemade Coleslaw
I also made some Flapjacks
But I wasn't paying much attention to the amounts so I will make these again (the sacrifices I make....) and be a good vegan blogger and write down exactly what I did. But for now I will just tease you all. Mwahahahahaha!


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Looks great Jeni!! I have been a lazy blogger of late. Gotta get back in the groove. :o)

Lily Girl said...

Um, well white wine vinegar is made from white wine, but they are technically totally different as far as cooking (vinegar in vinegarette - good. white wine in vinegarette - bad). You can usually sub one vinegar for another, except for balsamic. However, I'm sure in this application it didn't make a huge difference. The burgers look yummy!

I keep a notebook and pens in the kitchen for "recipe development" purposes. Very handy.

Glad to see you are breaking in your new kitchen :)

Amanda said...

Oh yum! I must try these too. Onion rings on the side? Yes, please! ha ha ha! I thought I had the SAME exact problem with the vinegars in my kitchen..lots of fancy and exotic ones but not just plain old vinegar. I was making the Veganomicon potato salad recipe the other day and thinking, just white vinegar? Do I even have that? A search of the cupboard revealed no but then I finally realized we had some under the kitchen sink for cleaning..lol!!

John said...

Looks good! but I don't like onions so I have to put something instead. Haha.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Never fear John - this batter would be great for all sorts of veggies - I might just go on a batter frenzy and batter everything in sight- sounds violent doesn't it!LOL!

Lily - I did think about using Apple Cider Vinegar, might try that next time just because the scientist in me is curious as to the difference between vinegar and wine - they're not all that different really!!
Must get organised and keep paper and pen in my kitchen and not 4 feet away! LOL!

Lisa - you've been busy doing other things - like your awesome garden!!Now that summer's nearly here it's much more fun spending time outside and being productive isn't it.

Amanda - you are sooo cool having white wine vinegar under the sink!

Marni said...

Yes! I have a gigantimus pile of recipes to try, nearly all culled from blogs I read. I know deep down I'll never get to them all, but I just can't help myself. I've been wanting to try Jessy's veggie beanie burgers for a while now and I think this may be the nudge I needed to push me into action. Yours look delish. And the onions rings? :::sigh::: Yeah, they look awesome as well.

Nicely done.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Oh man! I've been eyeing those burgers for a minute. Now I really want to make them.

For the Love of Guava said...


1. THank you for posting that awesome comment... I feel loved
2. Thank you for making veggie burgers and amazing onion rings
3. Thank you for posting pictures of said food items and commenting at the perfect time so I would come check your blog... link has been sent home to poor mr. guava on his day off... here's to hoping! :)

Guava... and her sweet and sour salty sheepish balls.

HayMarket8 said...

This burger looks great~ very gourmet.

Sal said...

ooh I have that burger recipe bookmarked too, they sound so good! And those onion rings!! YUM! I've never made my own.

Your flapjacks look awesome. We call my dad flapjack, cuz his initials are FJ and he loves flapjacks. He named his iPod flapjack.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh, my husband would flip for Onion Rings! Funny that I have the vinegar, but never any wine!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Marni - I've had me beady eye on a few of Jessy's recipes but I am slowly but surely making my way through this looooooong list of things to make. So many delicious foods.....

Mo - I still have to make that awesome Haggis you blogged about!

Guava - hee hee hee what can I say. Love ya! Salty Mango balls n' all!

HayMarket - thanks for your comment, they sure tasted gourmet.

Sal - I LOVE that your dad's nickname is Flapjack - and that he named his ipod! Alien dad is cooool.

Melisser - this was my first go at making Onion Rings - it will SO not be my last.

Oraphan said...

Me too, I have a very long list of recipes I wanted to try and never get to them all. You made me feel good that I'm not alone. Your veggie burger looks so good, and onion rings, YUM!!! I'll definitely give it a try soon.

Anonymous said...

See, I was about to lick the screen, but then I saw your warning and held back. It wasn't easy though, just for the record.

Felicity said...

mmm, those burgers look yummy. And the onion rings! Yes! I want them now.

How is your garden? I keep meaning to blog about our allotment, but have been spending all my time working there instead!

Bethany said...

omg! I want some rings & burgers now. all i need to do is to show andy a pic and he'll run to the kitchen :)

Mihl said...

A burger and some onion rings is exactly what I am craving right now! (It's only breakfast time, but still)

jessy said...

we're so superhappyfaced that you guys loved the burgers, Jeni! you're too sweet - and thank you for the rock'n shout-out! i looooooove your idea to use some mashed up pinto beans in there - totally gonna have to try that! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! your onion rings looks GLORIOUSLY GOOD - and i excitedly await your flapjack recipe too! oh my goodness, yay!


Oohhh...I can;t wait to try your onion rings!!1