Vegan MoFo Day 23: My Favourite Cook Book

I'm not a very materialistic person....however I do have a few weaknesses. 1. I LOVE books 2. I LOVE little drawers and boxes 3. I LOVE jars and bottles Phew! That feels so much better!
I am a complete book worm - I love to read and have been known to get through three or four books a week. But as well as loving the reading of books I also just love books. The feel of them, the smell of them, the look of them...you name it and I love it about a book. I don't know how many books I own - it would be a mission and a half to count them all. Suffice to say - I have a garzillion of them. So it's quite sad really that my cook book collection is so small and severely lacking in tomes. Over the years I have lent them out to "friends" only never to see them grace me with their presence again - the friends OR the books. I have owned some corkers in my time and one I still have in my possession has so much sentimental value that it shouldn't be allowed. It is the very first cook book I ever bought. It cost me a total of one pound from a Sue Ryder Charity Shop and has seen a lot of action in it's time. Now it's not vegan - in fact it is the epitome of anti vegan.
But that's OK, I love it even more for that. It has seen me through many a pudding, cake and casserole and I have vegetarianised (heh - I made a word) and veganised this little treasure so much that the only reason it's not vegan is because it's stubborn and the ink doesn't rub out. Here she is in all her blazing glory.
Look at the stains and it's even burnt where I left it too close to the stove!! The front cover came off completely so I gaffer taped it up - jeez that's some strong tape. It is full of little snippets and notes and there's even pressed Flowers in there! To show this over worked, tired, well loved book the appreciation she so deserves - I gave her a make-over. Don't all girls like a pampering. Doesn't she look gorgeous! *wolf whistles*
I couldn't decide to go for The Power Puff Girls or Sponge Bob, I mean a person shouldn't have to make choices like that! So I went for both. And then I realised just how good I am at finding things to distract me from actually doing some work round here. And because I know there would be a riot if I didn't show some porn - here is my lunch
Nice huh!
Today's song is Manu Chao - Welcome to Tijuana Turn it up loud and slam down some Tequilla!!! Arrrribaaaa!!!


VeganView said...

Your blog is soo much fun to read I love it! Delish looking lunch and I love books too, but clearly you are the queen of book loving!

Felicity said...

Your cookbook looks spiffy in her new attire. And your lunch looks scrummy. I love books too, but I try to control myself (no more room on the shelves!) That being said, I just bought (well, a couple weeks ago) a big lush coffee table book on The History of the World for a fiver. It rocks.

Mandee said...

I love your cookbook make over!

aTxVegn said...

I'm teary. I could totally feel your love for that cookbook. She looks lovely now!

Conquerbysmiling said...

AwwwI'm 2 and 3 too! haha And yes, even cookbooks deserve makeovers;)

River said...

Rory Gilmore? Is that you? :)
In case you're not a Gilmore Girls fan, Rory is a book worm too.
What a beautiful book makeover! Tough call with the stickers, but you really pulled it off! :P


I love your power puff girls and spongebob stickers.

beastmomma said...

What is the name of the cookbook?

thedalyn said...

When we moved into this house, I thought there was no way that we could use all this space. And then I realized that we had room for a library. Yes, the books here have their own room and they're rapidly outgrowing even that. But, I can't bring myself to cull them because i love them too much. Books are marvelous--especially much loved cookbooks.

laura said...

heh, one of my first cookbooks, maybe THE first one i ever bought, was a joy of cooking that i got at a yard say for $1. yes, i still have it and still refer to it from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to you on the book thing. I love books in every way possible - their smell, their weight in my hands, the way the look piled up on my shelves...and I love course love reading literature!
Your book cover is the best ever, and you're right, there should never be any taking of sides between the The Girls and The Bob.

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

I am a book worm too! As are my sisters. I love River's Rory reference... I totally connected with Rory.

There was a summer a few years ago when I had a lot of time off from work and read more than 100 books. *stares off dreamily*

And I love your devotion to that cookbook! Some would have chucked it, but I like that you restored it!

I agree with Shellyfish! I love the feel, smell, weight of books. I can't imagine reading books on those electronic gadgets that are around now. Just wouldn't be the same.

For the Love of Guava said...

I love old books... and little drawers... and containers... and jars!!! I'm totally one of those crazy people that LOVE that musty used bookstore smell! Hey I was enticed to a random blog by a Quinoa recipe and there you were Miss Treehugger... I think I'm going to wait on that swap for Cooking for a Vegan Lover but I can totally send you some Quinoa if you want :)

Agnesss =) said...


Great meal...!! Looks yummy!! =D

Well,well....I'm also a BOOK LOVER!! Yours look AMAZZZING!!! Hah...great pictures!! :-D

Hope to see a comment from you on my new post...:)))

And lokking forward to the swap with YOU =DD

Have fun!!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I love books, too! Just tagged you for freezer tag.

Jeni Treehugger said...

I knew you girls would appreciate this!
I'm sorry to say I've never heard of Rory - I will google him/her now.

Beastmomma - She is The Good Housekeeping Cookery Book but she is lovingly known as Le Book de Cook - it just suits her better.

The Dalyn - I am sooooo jealous. I'm so gonna have a library one day - with one of those wooden ladders that rolls round all the shelves! YEAH!

Guava - we shall do a swap! I would be so chuffed in you sent me some Quinoa and I have something I know you'll LOVE - I'll email you. YAY!

Amanda said...

I love old books too and you made the logical choice with both Spongebob and the Power Puff Girls! I love both. How could a person choose between them!

Rory Gilmore is the bookworm daughter in the Gilmore Girls TV series which is unfortunately not airing anymore. WAH!! You can get it on DVD. I think you'd like it because the dialog is so witty and funny like your blog!!! Supposedly it was very difficult for the actors to learn their lines because it was the dialog was so fast and full of pop culture references!

One of my favorite finds is a vegetarian cookbook from the 1960s from a yard sale. Not vegan but neat anyway!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Ooooh amanda - I'm liking the sound of Rory Gilmore! Thanks for the link.

Nikki said...

I'm having fun reading your blog, thanks for your comment!
I had to say, I'm totally with you on that one. I'm about to move and I told a friend that I had like, 20 boxes of books to move (I live in a VERY small apartment), he told me I should just move with a suitcase and start from scratch. Other than being totally uneconomical, leave my books?!?! Are you CRAZY?! Hm.
Nice cover for your old cook book, great idea to keep it going!

Bex said...

That is one of the most beautiful make overs I have ever seen. Much better than that talk show crap.
I have a cookbook addiction. I love to cook from them, read them, stare at the pictures, look at them on the shelves.