Vegan MoFo Day 2: Indian Restaurants

I think I need to chill out a bit and relax, I think Vegan MoFo'ing has totally gone to my head.
My beloved asked me if I wanted to go to our favourite Indian Restaurant tonight. "Hell YEAH!" would be my normal response but not today on day two of MoFo...oh no... My reply was thus "But it's Vegan MoFo and I've planned to cook something amazing and then spend all night blogging about it and reading all the other blogs!". You see my problem here. I think I need to explain myself a bit before you all think I've lost the plot and gone completely over the MoFo edge. I have been completely caught up in the whole spirit of this MoFo'ing madness because I LOVE the feel of community and togetherness involved. Even though there are a LOT of MoFo'ers - we are still a small bunch of people when you compare us to..oh I dunno...the population of the world! And being a lonely Vegan (sniff) there is nothing I love more than all the camaraderie involved - the feeling of togetherness and that I'm not the only vegan freak in the world GOD DAMMIT! There's lots of us. That and the general niceness of all my fellow MoFo'ers as well. MoFo'ers ROCK! But the beauty of this month of MoFo'ing is that I can quite happily blog about my Indian Restaurant extravaganza and not beat myself up about it as the whole point of Vegan MoFo is to blog about veganism in ALL it's forms and crazy guises, including, and especially, eating out Vegan Styley. HURRAH! As I mentioned yesterday - eating out in Spain as a vegan does prove to be extremely challenging. I am lucky enough to have three excellent Restaurants near me, that, though they are not vegan, I trust them implicitly not to poison me with eggs and dairy. One of those Restaurants is The Spice Hut. They started out on the sea front in Torrevieja with a small family run Vegetarian Indian Restaurant and also a shop selling really good/cheap Indian and Asian fare. It was run by Pushba and Harish and occasionally their two children would help them out as well. The food there has always been superb. All fresh ingredients and everything home cooked on the premises. But, as what happens when a Restaurant combines excellent food with nice friendly staff - word soon got around and they were finding it more and more difficult to stay in such small premises, so they moved. But not too far away. They can now be found in Quesada. The Restaurant must be 10 times the size of the original but they have still managed to keep it family run and friendly - which was always a selling point apart from the fantasticness of the food. They have also branched out menu wise and now include a full meat menu as well (BOO!) but Harish is a strict lacto vegetarian so they have a completely separate kitchen/utensils/chefs for the meat side of their venture. And they don't look at me like I'm some weird freak from another planet when I gently remind them that no ghee or milk in any of my dishes please. So...yes..onto the food.
For starters I had a Chutney Tray and Onion Bhajis Then Harish made me something special that wasn't really on the menu. I had seen this dish which I can't remember the name of but it was basically Chicken Curry with a Creamy Mango Sauce. So I asked Harish if he would do me that but replace the cream with Coconut milk and use Veggies instead of chicken. He obliged (I told you these guys were ace) And of course you have to have Saag Aloo with any Indian meal - it's the law
That Rice is my boyfriends and has egg in it but I'm glad I didn't order Rice 'cos I am STUFFED! Then it was straight home into me jammies to get blogging.
Do I win points for using the word MoFo the most or what!


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

restaurant reviews are a great contribution to veganmofo! Always helpful to know what options are out there.

Little Pea said...

Saag Aloo is only one of the best meals ever! We have a Indian Restaurant here too. Its great. Have you had Saag Paneer? oh duh... Well anyway, Its basically Saag Aloo with Paneer, And I love paneer so for me Saag Paneer is better than Saag Aloo.

Btw, Ive never seen a pic of you before, your very perty

Veg-a-Nut said...

Yes, I will give you points. :o) You still talked about veganism, and vegan meals, with excellent photos!

I love our vegan blogging communitee too! I am not sure I would have lasted without the support everyone gives.

trina said...

Oh good, I'm glad you got out. The MoFos can be overwhelming. Your Indian food sounds delicious, and I look forward to reading more about your eating adventures in Spain!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Hey thanks guys. I'm not generally very good at writing reviews but I did alright with that one didn't!
Little pea I used to eat Saag Paneer all the time and the funny thing is that the Paneer can quite easily be replaced with firm tofu. I might have to suggest that to Pushba and Harish or I will just have to practice cooking Indian food myself.
(I like the second option)


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

For the longest time I was afraid to try Indian food. Then I worked with an Indian woman who used to bring me things to try. Yum! I just went to an Indian restaurant for the first time this year. WTH, right? Sooooo good. Mildly addicting.

Bethany said...

that food looks awesome. I love indian appetizers. That baji = yum!

That was cool that they made you a special dish. Mangolicious! I always appreciate and don't forget the places that are understanding and will go out of their way to make me happy.