Vegan MoFo Day 18: So I made Apple Pie

Let it be known Mr Treehugger is not Vegan, he is a pesky-tarian. But, because I am the main cook in the house, his diet is 90% Vegan. I can tolerate his eggs and cheese and milk in the fridge BUT the only fish I allow is a sad frozen packet of fish fingers in the freezer. I can not abide the smell of fish in the house it is just BLEURGH!
Everything I cook he always enjoys and comments frequently that he can't believe a lot of the things are vegan. Mwah ahhhhh ahhhhh....my evil plan is working. As well as being a pesky-tarian he is also Diabetic (oooh I'm sticking the labels on left right and center today aren't I!!). I LOVE to bake - it is my favourite kind of kitchen witchery and I've always prided myself on my extroadinary baking skills. Cooking for a diabetic means my love of baking is challenged at the best of times and since moving onto vegan baking the challenge has been even greater. Vegan baking has been pretty hit and miss but the successes far outweigh the few disasters. It is a learning curve after all. If I bake - I bake for both of us - something that we can both eat and enjoy. Obviously, baking for a diabetic means that the sugar content has to be reduced greatly and all my baking recipes are tailored with this in mind. You'd be surprised at the amount of sugar that is used in recipes which is actually so unneccessary - something I have come to realise in the past few years. "Get to the Apple Pie already!!" OK, OK I hear you. This is an easy Apple Pie recipe suitable for diabetics and vegans alike HURRAH! It is one I have adapted myself and it will not fail to disapoint. Even if you're not watching your sugar intake - you gotsta try this. Apple Pie Ingredients For the Pastry: 8oz Flour 4oz Margarine 5 Tblsps water For the filling: 1 Cooking Apple, peeled, cored, quartered and cut into slices 2 Dessert Apples, peeled, cored, quartered and cut into slices Scant handful of Raisins Sprinkling of Cinnamon Method Make the Pastry by sifting the Flour into a big bowl, add the Margarine and rub into the Flour with your hands until it resembles Bread Crumbs. Add the Water and gather it all up with your hands. Knead for a few seconds until it is smooth and elasticy. Grease an 8 inch Pie Dish. Flour a work surface and roll the Pastry out thinly and evenly. Use the rolling pin to carry the Pastry over to the Pie Dish. With your fingers; gently push the Pastry into the Pie Dish. Take the Pie Dish in one hand and with the other hand use a butter knife to chop off the excess Pastry, set this to one side 'cos you need this for the Pie top. Layer the Dessert Apples on the bottom of the Pie, sprinkle on the Raisins then follow with a layer of Cooking Apples. Top with the remaining Dessert Apple slices and sprinkle on some Cinnamon. Wet the top edges of the Pastry with some water. Roll out the remaining Pastry and cover the Pie pressing down firmly with your thumb along the top edge. Chop of the excess Pastry and use it to cut out shapes to decorate the Pie with, you will have to brush Water onto the bottom of the shapes to stick them to the Pie. With a knife, make two slits in the centre of the Pie top - this is to allow steam to escape. If you don't do this the Apples will bubble and spill out all over the place and you don't want that. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for about 40 mins. Because all ovens vary in their cooking performance - check on the Pie quite regularly to make sure it doesn't burn. I always need to cover the top of mine with tin foil half way through baking because my oven is pants.
Who's ya daddy now!!
Todays song that I just can't stop singing is Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights Much to the dismay of my neighbours!! Thank god they can only hear me and not see me as well....'cos you've just gotta do THAT dance haven't you?


eccentricemma said...

ooh that sounds great and very handy considering i got a load of apples in my veg box this week that need using up.

my dad never lets me call him a diabetic, he only lets us say 'a person with diabetes' !!!

DJ said...

Don't worry, I am in the same boat with Skint Vegan Dad - annoying but I can play the long game! That apple pie looks yummy!

KZ said...

my beau is not vegan either! his diet is much like yr man's though- 90% vegan. he loves my cooking and to cook with me. although i'm not aggressively converting him, he sees the huge benefits of veganism- on all levels. he is beginning to see the light! any day now... (more evil laughter) Great pie! (and you reap the benefits of not consuming excess sugar too!)

Sal said...

You're right - 'that' dance is definitely a requirement!! I'm gonna have that in my head all night now, thanks.

That apple pie looks gorgeous.

heathclifffffeeee.... damn you.

Agnesss =) said...


That apple pie...looks DELISH. Must have been a pleasure to enjoy a piece...:D

Well...soo...when are we going to do our grocery exchange..???? =D
Let me know pls :D

Visit me on my new post today if you have some time =) I hope for your visit!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the time =))

River said...

YAY for low sugar goodies! I always have to reduce the amount of sugar called for in recipes because most of them are just way to sweet for my taste!
Your pesky-tarian, diabetic Mr. Treehugger is lucky to have such an awesome vegan witchery pro!

Cody said...

I've just got the hang of vegan baking... I can't imagine trying to go sugar-free or gluten-free or anything else on top of it. Luckily the only affliction I've got is lactose-intolerance.

I looked everywhere and couldn't find your email address for the cherry truffle recipe. I'm probably most apt to remember to do it if you email me first. :) thisxabovexall@gmail.com

Eesh said...

My DH was an omni and only recently turned vegan after seeing Earthlings. So I know how it feels to have stuff around that you're not 100% comfortable with. He used to like those deli sausages..ugh..but thank goodness he began to see reason.

And that apple pie looks amazing. But pray tell, what's considered a dessert apple and a cooking apple? Does the dessert apple lend all the sweetness the pie needs then?

Debbie said...

That apple pie looks fantastic!

Chelsea said...

Oh man, that looks soooooo good! My hubby is a peskytarian too, and he's good about the no fish at home rule, but last night just started whining about how he'd love to make his own sushi... wah wah wah! Make some vegan sushi and then I can have it, too!

tofufreak said...

mmm.... apple pie :D

Ginger said...

oh! oh! have you ever tried baking with agave nectar? it's low glycemic so it's also safe for diabetics.

i'm not diabetic, but i'm allergic to certain kinds of sugar so i use them in moderation. i use agave in my tea and stuff and have baked with it on occasion.

you can also use brown rice syrup sometimes.

nice pie :)

Sanja said...

Is it better not to have any sugar? And the sugar in things like apple sauce? Otherwise, Nava Atlas' Vegetarian Family Cookbook has some great low fat and low sugar recipes. About 2 T sugar (and some maple syrup) for a whole cinnamon raisin quick bread.

seitanismymotor said...

Please, can I have a piece of that pie?
P. is an omni and often compliments on my food. (Which is when I wonder why he isn't vegan already.)

aTxVegn said...

Gorgeous vegan no sugar apple pie!

shellyfish said...

I grew up with diabetic loved ones, and it really taught me to be mindful of the sugar in EVERYTHING - it's crazy. And I agree with you- so much of it can be done away with. Once you get used to things low-sugar, they taset better that way.
And you are so funny with your pesky-tarian!

Amanda said...

he he he!! My hubby is a pesky-tarian too. At the moment we have no meat in the house..sometimes he does the fish thing which I hate too but what can you do. Our evil plan WILL triumph!

Karyn said...

I love apple pie! Try crimping foil around the edges of the pie until the last 15 minutes, that way the filling cooks but your crust doesn't go all brown on you.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Thanks guys.

eesh - the dessert Apple gives the pie it's sweetness yes. In the UK we categorize our Apples as such - cookers and eaters. A really tart Apple like Bramley would be a cooker and the sweeter ones are eaters - like Cox's, Golden Delicious, Gala etc etc.

Ginger - haha - guess what! Agave Nectar is something else on my lists of "can't get". I will have to buy some when I'm in the UK. Heck - I'm gonna have to take an extra suitcase for all the goodies I'm gonna be bringing back with me!
Still, thank god it's Europe and there won't be any trouble smuggling it all back.

Sanja - definitely better not to use sugar. Which is why the sweet Apples are used in this recipe. Traditional Apple Pies call for just using tart Apples and then adding half a tonne of sugar! Which seems just crazy when you think about it!!

And I can't believe how many of our men are omni and pesky!! What is wrong with them!!

Bex said...

I keep thinking to myself that cutting back on the sugar is probably a good idea. Thank you for your evil genius.

pbjade said...


Do you use any vegan sweeteners when you bake for Mr. Treehugger? I'm thinking about stevia but a lot of people tell me that it has an after taste and I don't want to spend oodles on it only to not like it... !

Bethany said...

"pesky-tarian" - love it. I was veg for a long time, then met Andy. After a while he went veg (see, evil plans do work). Then a few days later we went vegan. Everybody before him was omni.

The pie is so cute w/ the leaves on top.

I love Kate Bush. I turn it up loud enough so nobody can hear my singing. There is less torture that way.