Vegan Cook Books

It seems men (my boyfriend in particular) CAN take hints and act on them. Amazing as it seems, my constant hinting at what I'd like for my birthday was duly noted and bought to fruition. HURRAH! Two cook books I have coveted for months and months are now in my possession. Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance - both by the lovely Isa Chandra Moskowitz - super punk vegan cook who was joined by Terry Hope Romero (I just LOVE her name) in the creation of Veganomicn. I have been dying to get my hands on a vegan cookbook ever since turning vegan - which was seven months ago and these two don't disappoint. Tonight we had the Portobello Salad with Spicy Mustard Dressing from Veganomicon. And WOW!!! This is an AWESOME recipe! I didn't put the shrooms on top of the salad as the recipe suggested cos I think they are a work of art in themselves. I will definitely be making this recipe again and again.

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