Eco Flower Pots

Made these cool re-cycled flower pots today so I thought I'd share with you all. They are very very easy to make and a great way to re-cycle newspaper.
Take a double sheet of newspaper, fold along the natural crease. Bring one long half up to the middle, and then from the opposite side bring the other long half up to the middle. Fold down the crease. Wrap around a jar – this is just to give it a curvy shape which makes the next part easier. Thread one end into the other, so as it’s going back in on itself. Keep feeding it through until it’s as tight as you can get it. Take one half
of a sheet of newspaper, rip that in half and stuff it into the pot, neatness isn’t the issue with these newspaper pots so don’t worry too much about this, so long as you’ve formed a base that is the main thing. Fill up with potting compost and use like you would any other pot. These are good for seedlings as well as seeds – especially cactus – when it comes to repotting you don’t have to handle the plant at all – you just pop the whole thing into a new pot, the newspaper will naturally rot down over time. These won’t take a drenching but will hold themselves to being watered like any other seeds and seedlings would. I make a batch and squish them all into an old square ice cream tub.

For dinner I made Tofu "Chicken" Breasts from here served with Steamed Baby Corn, Broccoli and Green Beans!

It's now one of my favourite tofu recipes.

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